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TIGERVILLE 1878--1885

Located headwaters of Newton' Fork amidst many dry placer gold gulches and narrow rich quartz veins the King Solomon with 300 foot shaft dominated. In 1879 Pennington County's 4th largest town it boasted 3 saloons, post office and store, blacksmith shop and stage barn on Cheyenne-Custer-Deadwood line. Thomas Kitrell was storekeep and first postmaster, Nettie Shedd the last. Nellie Thomas and Annie Tallent were the schoolmams. Early miners of 1875 were Ray Smith, Wm. Driver, Simon Shawl, McVey, Larry Dwyer wife and 2 sons, Sewright, Joe Palmer, Judge Cook. The gold boom busted in 1885 and many a miner settled on nearby ranches. This was the setting of the Ole Bull - Simon Shawl story of 1896.

County road 7 mi. northwest of Hill City, road leads to Mystic. South Dakota



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