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Occurred on Oct. 22, 1862. While Gen. James G. Blunt was encamped on the old Pea Ridge battlefield, word came that Gen. Douglas H. Cooper and Col. Stand Watie's Indian Regiment were at old Fort Wayne, across the line from Maysville. On Oct. 20 he advanced his 2nd and 3d brigades to Bentonville. On Oct. 21, they moved toward Maysville. Crossing the prairie they found the Confederates lined up on the edge of some tuber a quarter mile from the town. Before his superior force they retreated in disorder followed by the 6th Kansas Cavalry arms the 3d Cherokee Regiment for seven miles. This battle was about 6 months after the Battle of Pea Ridge.

Benton County Maysville, Arkansas West of Gravette -, Near Oklahoma Line Arkansas



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